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There are an infinite amount of reasons to swipe left on someone. Here are some of my faves:

  • He’s wearing a MAGA hat
  • Photos in a dirty/messy room
  • All photos are group photos only
  • Writes no drama or good vibes only…What have you been doing to women?!
  • He has earrings
  • He has sleeve tattoos even up to his neck
  • He just moved to New York and wants to be shown around…no thanks!
  • Puts a fake first name
  • Went to Empire State College…um never heard of it…
  • Only has selfie photos
  • His age says 46…but that was about 10 years ago!
  • He has a nose ring
  • Cigarettes…no one smokes cigarettes regularly anymore
  • He has serial killer vibes. Ladies, you know what I mean!


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