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I’m a New Yorker that Keeps It Real

I promise to keep it real if you do! Let’s laugh through this life together.

Want to get some opinions on what’s going on in the world?! My blog is there for you. This is where you need to be!

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“She keeps it real in the kindest, funniest way…”

Danit is one of the funniest people I know and her relationship advice is invaluable. I don’t know what I enjoy more, going to her standup shows, where I laugh my face off or chatting to her about relationships. In both cases, she always keeps it real in the kindest & funniest way. She knows NYC inside and out, understands what is being said “between the lines” and uses both of these skills in her stand up and advice. Get a little Danit in your life and wonder why the rest of your friends are so boring.

Joanna Tiger

“Raised over $125,000 in a little over one week…”

Danit’s big heart led her to reach out about a community fundraising project she had in mind. After a quick brainstorm, we set ourselves a goal of raising $5,000 in seven days. Her motivation and dedication inspired the expansion of the operation, and with a little help from more friends, a grassroots campaign was launched and $125,000 raised in a little over one week was the result. Thank you Danit for the inspiration!

– Long time friend that shall remain anonymous

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