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Covid has been a unique and difficult time for everyone. We all know the entertainment business and live shows have been hit hard.

Why would I want to do Zoom shows? There is no audience for me to interact with – I can’t even hear them laugh if they’re all muted! I certainly can’t do crowd work. So for most of covid, I wasn’t into it. I did a few outdoor shows over the summer. They were super fun, but I can admit that I wasn’t putting my all into finding spots. Then winter hit and that was that.

Recently something switched. I finally got the itch again. Two weeks ago, I did a zoom show. It was fun, really fun. Last week, I did a zoom open mic. It was fun and supportive. Saturday night, I had a spot at synagogue where the comedians were in person and we streamed it live on zoom. I killed it.

Times may be weird. I don’t know what to expect going into any of these shows, but at the end of the day, I’m supposed to be doing this. I’m in love with comedy and I can really make people laugh. What are you supposed to be doing? What do you love doing more than anything else? Let’s not sit on the sidelines anymore in this pandemic. Go get yours, because I’m going to get mine!


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