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When I first considered launching one-on-one coaching sessions, I just thought that I would help people prepare their speeches and presentations. What I didn’t realize was how much I can help people work through their insecurity and anxiety while building their confidence. 

As I’ve started working with private coaching clients, I am seeing how confidence building exercises and stress reducing practices have been helping them. I am certainly no therapist, but as a life longer proponent of therapy and my own experience, I can see exactly how to work through some of these issues with my clients. 

Just the other day, I began a coaching session by having my client talk about all the feelings he had in the past week. Whether it was frustration, excitement, sadness, or apprehension, we talked through it all and related it to his all aspects of his life – professional and personal. We then did a five-minute breathing exercise. Even through zoom, I could say his whole body relax and his face light up as we finished the exercise. We then walked through gratitude journaling, conversation starters, and assertive communication exercises. 

This isn’t just about giving a good speech at your sister’s wedding or showing your bosses that you can kill a presentation at work. This is about building your confidence in who you are – what you have to offer others. Each and every single person has a unique perspective to bring to any group. I can help you build the confidence and skills to approach communicating with others in the best way possible for you.

Contact me for more information on one-on-one coaching. 


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