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DANIT speaking

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I’m a litigator by day, comedian/writer by night and weekend. What makes me able to help you with public speaking? Oh, I only literally speak for a living. I graduated law school at 25 after participating in mock trial competitions and went straight into my first criminal trial as a prosecutor. Over the years, I’ve moved into the private sector with civil defense litigation. I attend court regularly to speak with adversaries and judges. I still go to trial from time to time in the private sector.

I’ve been performing on stage as a comedian since 2013. I began doing improv comedy, but now I’m exclusively performing stand-up comedy for the past two years. Yes, I get on stage all by myself and tell jokes to an audience! So if anyone knows how to get up in front of people and speak, it’s me! 

Let me help you get rid of those jitters and nerves. Let me help you build the confidence you need to get your message across. Your audience wants you to succeed, and I’m going to help you do just that!

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Sign up now for my public speaking course on January 24, 2021 – ONLY $20!

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