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Failing Can Be The Best Thing For You

Failing Can Be The Best Thing For You

I got on stage and could immediately feel that the audience didn’t like me. My first joke fell totally flat. Then my second joke barely got a response. As I was going through my set, each joke was failing miserably. I looked up at the red light and it was completely off. I looked over to where the host would normally stand and he was nowhere to be found. As I stood there, it became clear that I had a ton of time left on stage with nothing to say.

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Helping Build Confidence One Person at a Time

Helping Build Confidence One Person at a Time

When I first considered launching one-on-one coaching sessions, I just thought that I would help people prepare their speeches and presentations. What I didn’t realize was how much I can help people work through their insecurity and anxiety while building their confidence.

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Challenging the World to Support Women

Challenging the World to Support Women

International Women’s Day is today. This year’s theme is “A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change. So let’s all choose to challenge.” This exemplifies everything I believe in and strive for.

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“She’s a role model to women everywhere…”

I’ve known Danit since college so I’ve been laughing at her jokes and overall ridiculousness since 2001. We were even roommates when we worked at the same office in 2010. She used to crack jokes about my roach situation. It’s thanks to her that I finally got that under control. I was tired of being the butt end of a roach motel joke. Danit has the best dick jokes and it’s probably cause she’s a dick expert. I hope my daughter grows up to know half as much about dick as Danit. She’s a real role model for young women everywhere. I’ve taken friends and family to see her do stand-up and it’s becoming abundantly clear that she won’t stop so there’s nothing left to do but support her hilarious dream.

– “David” from college




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